Algorithms Reward Engagement

Social media algorithms are constantly changing. But one thing stays the same.

More engagement = more eyes on your content. Are the messages you create valuable or interesting to your audience? Want more likes, comments, replies, and shares?

Share messages your audience loves.

In this course, you’ll learn 10 unique tactics you can integrate into your social strategy today. 

Capture your readers’ attention. Get real-life examples, recommendations, and resources to craft messages that are proven to get more engagement. 

Stand Out In A Sea Of Social Messages

Build The Perfect
Posting Schedule

Increase Social Reach
& Engagement

Hook your audience. Use attention-grabbing visuals, videos, & copy that stop your followers from scrolling. When, where, and how often you post to social media matters. Develop a schedule & cadence that increases likes, comments, & clicks. Social algorithms reward engagement. Implement 10 proven social media tactics that will help you build trust with your audience & create community.

What will you learn in CoSchedule Academy's Free Marketing Plan Course?

Course Overview
Discover why engagement is the most important metric on social media.
1 Create & Share Videos That Hook Viewers
2 Recognize Others: Tag People & Brands
3 Curate Valuable Content With Your Followers
4 Schedule Messages At The Best Time For Engagement
5 Increase Post Frequency To Boost Organic Growth
6 Use Images, Memes, & GIFs To Increase Shares and Clicks
7 Recycle Evergreen Content To Boost Reach
8 Create A Facebook Group To Build A Community
9 Host A Twitter Chat To Build Your Following
10 Reshare Content Your Audience Loves (Again & Again)

Craft messages that get more likes, comments, & shares.

Focus On Results Not Fads 

You don’t need to be on TikTok to reach your audience. You don’t have to go live on Facebook, either.

Social media fads come & go. Truth is - they aren’t right for every brand.  

Don’t waste your time on social media trends that won’t produce results. This Social Engagement Course highlights 10 proven, time-tested social tactics that drive engagement.

Ready to learn more proven social media tactics, to 10x your engagement?

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