Juggling Multiple Projects at Once?

As a marketer, you have a lot of marketing projects to plan & execute.

You publish blog posts. Share to social media. Promote events. Create endless marketing materials. There’s a lot to create & manage.

But do you know how these projects impact your goals? And can you demonstrate that impact to your boss?

Create a blueprint for successful marketing.

Think of your marketing plan as a roadmap for your marketing. With a marketing plan in place, you'll easily connect your tactics, strategy, and goals together.

This course includes step-by-step tutorials, templates, and actionable advice to help you develop a comprehensive marketing plan.

Identify Your Target Audience

Focus On The Right Priorities

Measure Your Success

Create a customer persona to refine messages & delivery to attract more ideal customers. Easily brainstorm new project ideas. Learn how to prioritize & tackle the most impactful projects first. Determine which metrics tie to your goals. Then track your results using Google Analytics.

What will you learn in CoSchedule Academy's Free Marketing Plan Course?


Introduction to Marketing Plans
Prepare for the course by understanding what a marketing plan is & why you need one to drive success.


Set Marketing Goals
Learn how to determine SMART goals that help you prioritize your plan to influence these key metrics.

Track & Measure Goals
Connect the dots between the content you publish and the results towards your goals using Google Analytics.

Target Specific Audiences
Create a marketing persona, so you can create content that attracts your ideal customers.

Prioritize Projects for 10x Growth
Brainstorm new project ideas. Then prioritize them based on which projects
will impact your goals most effectively.

Plan Project Timelines
Develop marketing project timelines. Map out the entire creation process for marketing campaigns using a content & promotion checklist.

Create Your Most Successful Marketing Plan Ever

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