Writing new blog posts takes a lot of time

& effort. 

You come up with ideas. Write, edit, & design posts. Publish them. Share them. 

But you’re still not seeing significant growth in traffic to your blog

Consistently Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Save time on blogging. Publish consistently to sustain growth. And drive more traffic to your blog with a time-tested promotion plan. 

CoSchedule Academy’s Blog Growth course includes step-by-step tutorials, templates, and actionable advice to create a blog strategy that boosts traffic, shares, and leads.

Create Must-Read Content
Publish Posts That
Achieve Goals

Drive More Traffic
To Your Posts

Stand out from the competition. Share must-read blog posts that differentiate your blog from everything else out there. Discover how many blog posts you should publish to achieve your specific marketing goals using a simple formula. Define a promotion plan to increase traffic to your content fueled by social media and email.

Lessons Overview - What Will You Learn?

Introduction to Blog Growth
Prepare for the course
1 Come Up With 10x Blog Ideas To Build Your Audience
2 Build A Consistent Blog Schedule That Actually Works
3 Use Your Blog To Build Your Email List
4 Promote Your Blog Posts Via Email
5 Promote Your Blog Posts Via Email

Scale Your Blog To Build A Massive Following

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